New year new me

2022 a year where we are still in the pandemic, a year where all our hopes to have a normal life is pending. But is it the real reason we want to give up ?

A year where we slowly getting normalize not to meet people, scared to have human interaction, so lazy even to get a grocery we use online shop to buy a veggies

Well, I decided to not give up on mine. This year i will not give a pandemic as an excuse to be lazy. No more

New year new me!

I will do what I want, get what I work for, and not proscinating my chance to live my life to the fullest

Starting by deleting my social media

Yes, i realized i spent too much of my time there

Surfing in to the metaverse, looking at what other people do for hours, judging them, or inspired by them. Either way I forget that the time I waste looking what others do, it was my time

My time that I will never get back, my time where I can do soo much things

If a day i scroll for 3 hours i use for language course, i will be fluent in any language by now (since i was an user for more than a decade)

I always find my excuse not to wake up early, through scrolling when i woke up, i dont even remeber what i saw

That just too much

So, I decided this year is new me

New me where i could use my time wisely, intentionaly, respecfully

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