How to be succesful on Tinder or any other dating Apps ?

Its almost eight years since tinder becoming hot dating app match maker for people any ages, any gender and any location

With soo many people log into the dating games, how to be successful on this one

This is the tips and trick for you guys based on experience

  • Know what you want

Its no point to hide yourself on dating app, you want to be 1000% honest. I know its hard, you might didnt know who you are yet. But try to describe your true self, and your goals. What really you want to find, either its love, casual, mistress, long term, short term , holiday companion, friend to travel, sugar what ever it is just be clear. You will attract the one who has the same interest with you.

  • Filtering people

Tinder has this paid feature to see who likes you, so you dont need to waste your time to swipe for hours, this feature also let you to travel to another location. So, it is many fish in the sea do not give up you have 100 countries to find your soulmate

  • Encounter

After you choose your match, meet in the public place, let your friends know your live location, no alcohol involve is better, do not meet in the dark, make sure you stalk his/her facebook or instagram just so you know they are real people. I personally stalk his Linkedn, just in case

  • Dating Scene

Every relationship always has it ends, make your own deadline. If you think the person you are meeting not qualified in your criteria, don’t give up and find another person. The longer you wait, the more time to waste. If you want to get married, tell them the deadline, without deadline, people have no urge to make a decission. There you wondering why your partner never propose to you ? you got the answer

There you go all the tips I have learn for the past eight years travelling on my dating apps, hope you find your last harbour of your heart. Peace

Ps: you are free to judge my post as you want if you never try the taste of the sinner lol

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